Mechanic's Liens

Has your contractor threatened you with a lien if you do not pay what he or she demands, even though the work may be defective and you may have been overcharged for work or even for work that has not been done or requested by you?

A mechanic's lien is the guarantee of payment to a builder, contractor, or construction firm that has repaired or built a home. The lien ensures payment for labor and materials if the property owner does not pay, or has not paid. Builders and workers can initiate a court proceeding to force payment for the services and materials through the sale of the property.

If used properly, mechanic's liens ensure the rightful payment for those expending the time and money to fix your home. All too often though, contractors and subcontractors use mechanics liens as a tool to secure payment for shoddy, incomplete jobs.


Does your home have a mechanics lien on it that you believe to be unlawful? Contact Hayes Law. We can provide the help you need to sift through the stiff procedural requirements and the strict deadlines for defending your home against a mechanic's lien.